Our advanced platform features, powered by a high-performance infrastructure and supported by more than 40 partnering secure data centers globally, improves the quality of scientific experiments and increases the productivity of scientific and industrial research teams. 


At Rolos we combine a unique set of platform features designed by and for researchers and scientists. Supported by more than 40 partnering secure data centers around the globe, our platform helps improve the quality of scientific experiments and increases the productivity of scientific and industrial research teams. Our approach simplifies processes so that those using it can focus on what they do best – research.

Rolos is built on a comprehensive suite leveraging advanced MI technologies enabling multidimensional data sets to seamlessly merge together. Our platform enhances data processing, experimenting and sharing through advanced data sources that results in accurate prediction of desired physical properties. 

  • Surrogate Models
  • Automated ML model retraining
  • Google-like queries across data and knowledge base
  • AI assistant digitizes human intuition

Our advanced collaboration tools allow researchers and developers to save valuable time and resources so that they can achieve reproducible experiment results and accelerate the transition from research to prototype and from prototype to product development. The Rolos platform acts as a marketplace offering next level collaboration for academics, scientists and researchers. 

  • Access as “AppStore”-like Marketplace
  • Develop interactive papers
  • Seamlessly integrate with Alemira Communities

Built on an entirely adaptable domain, Rolos offers a uniquely tailor-made platform. From automated easy-to-use domains for specific, simplified integrations to customizable integrations for advanced fine-tuning, researchers can build, access and share based on their unique skill sets and needs. 

  • Domain specific languages for data and operations
  • Domain specific algorithms and visualizations
  • Extensive data and algorithm library with extensive search capabilities
  • Robust SDK for easy custom domain-specific integrations
  • Source Code Access for advanced fine tuning

Rolos offers an integrative platform with cross-architecture support designed to seamlessly adapt to all types of systems and infrastructures. We understand the value of integrative architecture support and the power of local and global storage. 

  • Storage & compute cloud integration (Azure, AWS, GCP, S3, etc.)
  • Cross-architecture support (CPU, GPU, Quantum, etc.)
  • Deep integration with virtualization & local storage (VMware, Virtuozzo, K8S, SAN, etc.)


The Rolos architecture offers a unique set of platform advantages that, when combined with our multilayer infrastructure, result in integrative collaboration outputs designed to enhance research efforts at 360°.  

Rolos is built on a multilayer architecture designed to simplify research processes and collaboration globally. The architecture consists of the application layer, user facing layer, middleware layer, abstraction layer and finally, the hardware layer. Each layer plays a strategic role in optimizing research processes and collaboration, offering a robust solution. Our architecture provides:

  • Avoiding irreproducible results
  • Accelerated research publishing cycle
  • Zero code UX
  • Faster transition from the research to the product development stage
  • Reproducible experiments and faster research results

The adaptability of the Rolos infrastructure allows for a range of advanced services. Our platform is equipped with an all-in-one infrastructure that offers streamlined management, advanced computing, top-tier storage and innovative networking.

  • Management: unified platform, open standard REST API, multitenancy, advanced monitoring, integrated disaster and recovery backups and automated updates
  • Compute: virtual machines, snapshots, linked clones, live migration, intelligent placement, high availability, windows support and SVVP certification
  • Storage: all-flash hybrid and cloud storage, tiering, InfiniBand and RDMA, replication and erasure coding, iSCSI / Fibre channel, NFS and S3 with geo-replication
  • Networking: VXLAN networks, distributed switching, virtual routing, network address translation (SNAT/DNAT), integrated DHCP and IP management

Our unique cloud infrastructure is equipped with leading servers, storage devices, network, cloud management software, deployment software, and platform virtualization, paving the way for efficient integration and unparalleled collaboration benefits.